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How to update Aadhaar data online?

by admin on October 11, 2014

How to update Aadhaar data online?

Aadhaar card is an unique identification number allotted to the residents of India which can be used as name and address proof. It is obvious that changes will have to be done once the Aadhaar card has been made, because nothing stays permanent and looking at the need of such changes by the authorities, they have come up with online facilities of updating the data. This facility will make things easier for the Aadhaar card holder and also approachable too, thus the information in the card shall remain updated because of easy accessibility of updating services.

What all information can be updated using online methods

Following information can be updated;

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Mobile phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Address

For those who are who are not able to submit their update request online because they are not able to access the pincode/town/city etc. they can submit such request through post.Any request for changes except the ones mentioned above cannot be processed using the online portal and the holder of the card has to visit the Aadhaar Enrollment or update center to make such other changes.

Use of Self Service Update Online Portal

The Unique Identification Authority of India, have created an eco-friendly portal for the help of the residents where they can update the information by following three simple steps;

  • Log in to the website and punch in your unique 12 digit number.
  • Then submit the request for changes and make sure that the supporting self-attested documents are uploaded along with it.
  • Then select the BPO service provider and submit the request.

However before entering the portal make sure to keep mobile phone along with you, because the one time password for accessing the portal shall be sent on your mobile, and after this OTP only you will be able to proceed with updating the data.

Instruction of using the portal

  • Carry a mobile phone to use the portal.
  • Feed in the OTP sent to your phone and then login using the 12 digit number on your card.
  • Select the fields which you would like to update.
  • Then fill in the details in those field in both English and local language.
  • Depending on the fields you have updated, upload the supporting self-attested documents on the portal.
  • Then submit the request and also note down the request number which can be used later on to track the changes.

Verification of the information changed

Once the data on your Aadhaar card has been submitted, it goes for verification and validation to the authority who checks if the change in information is correct or not, and if they find that such change is mandatory and correct too, then he may validate the same. And after the validation the change gets reflected on your card which can be downloaded from the website or shall be sent to you by post.

The above steps can be followed to successfully update the information online available on the Aadhaar card.



Know how to Make Online Changes in Aadhaar Details

by admin on October 11, 2014

Know how to Make Online Changes in Aadhaar Details

Having your own identity card is a mandatory thing and is very useful in a lot of different ways and every individual needs to ensure that they hold a document which is a proof that they belong to a certain country and nationality. Aadhaar card is also a unique identification card and is of great importance in its own way and is needed for everyone to hold his or her identification proof. The importance of Aadhaar card should be highly understood by every individual as it ensures your ID proof as well as your address proof and serves for different purposes.

The usefulness of this card has spread a certain amount of awareness among the people and more people are now into getting it issued. In case you already hold aadhar card and want to make some changes in it, you can find an easy way and can do it online in very simple steps. Many people may wonder how to Make Online Changes in Aadhaar Details, which is not that difficult now. Using the online self service update portal you can do the changes in the respective details such as name, address, mobile phone number, gender and date of birth. If you wish to change other details which were prior given, you need to visit a nearby centre. The most important point which has to be kept in mind is that you need to have a mobile phone number which is compulsory as you will be provided with a one time pin on the mobile number.

Making changes in the details of Aadhaar card has been made simpler and easier as you can do it yourself online but you are supposed to follow certain instructions and need to fulfill the entire asked requirement to do it in a proper way. A self attested supporting document is needed to be uploaded or attached while you make online changes to your aadhaar card which is mandatory. By following few simple and easy steps you can do it on your own. Firstly, by using your aadhaar card number you need to login into the online portal which is meant for changes in the card. Secondly, you need to submit an online request for the data change and lastly, you have to upload the entire new document proof which you are changing in the previous card. You can track the request for change which is very helpful.

As Aadhar card is have been proven to be a very important document proof you should be aware of how to Make Online Changes in Aadhaar Details if any. You need to save the provided update reference number for future use and after the verification by Unique Identification Authority of India and correction you will get the updated aadhar card. It is considered to be a significant document as it can be used for several purposes and thus every individual should have this unique and legal proof of identification and address.


How to do Aadhaar Card Corrections Online?

by admin on October 11, 2014

How to do Aadhaar card corrections online?

Ways of making changes in the Aadhaar card have been made a lot easy with the adoption of online methods, however one can also apply for such changes by way of post.

Following corrections can be made in an Aadhaar card using the online portal;

  • Change in name
  • Change in gender
  • Change in the date of birth
  • Change in the address
  • Change in the phone number mentioned in the card

However any other change cannot be done using this Self Service portal and one shall have to approach the update center and file in their query with them for any other change along with reason and documents supporting such change.

Procedure to be followed while doing Aadhaar Card correction online

  • While submitting any request for correction in Aadhaar card make sure that you have the registered mobile phone number by your side, because the one time password shall be sent on the mobile number and this OTP shall help you log on to the website. However if you haven’t provided any mobile number while making the card, then you will have to provide one now such that OTP can be sent to that number.
  • Use this one time password to log on to the website and then punch in the Aadhaar card number and click on log in.
  • The next screen appears which contains fields of Aadhaar card, tick the option which you would like to change and then enter the changed details in the box in front of the field. Once you have fed in the details go through them once again to check if you have written the correct details this time.
  • Then on the next screen you will asked to feed in the changed details again in the local language, and once it is done click on submit update request. After this you will be re directed to a screen showing the corrected value go through them all to find if they are correct or not and if anything incorrect has been written then click on modify whereas if all looks good then you can click on I confirm and the proceed.
  • Following this you shall be asked to upload the self-attested documents supporting the changes done by you. Make sure that the self-attested copies have your name and sign/thumb impressions on itself. The document uploaded cannot be more than 2MB I size and documents in format .jpg, .pdf, .tif, .png, and .jpeg are accepted.
  • After all finally click on the submit button and once submitted an update request number shall be generated. This number can be used to keep a track on the status of your correction.
  • The submitted request shall be verified by the UIDAI and once verified the changes shall stand reflected on your card. The status change shall then be intimated to you on your registered mobile number by way of a SMS.

These simple steps thus facilitate you to make changes in the details mentioned in your card, and helps you maintain updated information.


Aadhaar Card Changes Online – Name, Address, Gender, Phone, Date of Birth

by admin on October 11, 2014

Aadhaar Card Changes Online – Name, Address, Gender, Phone, Date of Birth

With the invention of technologies the mode and methods of working have drastically changed which have extended convenience to both users and workers. Such has been the case with the Aadhaar cards where online methods have been opted to extend high tech facility to the holders. Aadhaar card is a unique 12 digit identification number which is issued by the Unique Identification Authority. This number can be used as an identity proof both in case of name and address and shall be applicable all over India.

Once an applicant gets an Aadhaar card issued in his name,  the need of doing some changes in the information may arise like change in the name or address or phone number etc.. The changes may happen because of various reasons like change in name may occur in case of females who give up her parents name after marriage, or change in address shall be because of the change in the place of  living etc. Such changes helps to keep the data in Aadhaar card updated, and thus authorities have facilitated convenience to the users while making any change in information using the online portals.

However one should make sure of the availability of mobile phones while choosing the procedure of update, because the first step towards making change is filling in the One Time password which shall be sent to your mobile number. Hence the process incompletewithout a mobile phone. The other way to get the changes done is to send a post and information such as name, address, date of birth, gender or phone can be changed.

Certain parameters have been left free for the applicant to change on his own using the Self Service online parameters, and the fields are as follows

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender

And the above information can be changed with the support of a self-attested document which needs to be uploaded in case you are using online portal or shall be submitted by post when using this a medium for updating the information.

An individual can follow simple steps in case he/she likes to change his personal credentials on the Aadhaar card;

  • Logon to the Aadhaar Card online Self Service update portal.
  • Feed in the 12 digit Aadhaar card number, make a note that every Aadhaar card have different 12 digit numbers on their card thus making it unique.
  • Then submit the request for any data change online.
  • Upload the self-attested documents supporting such change, which shall be cross checked by the authority while making such change on your card.

After the above steps have been taken, you shall be required to feed in the details in your local language as well. Once all of this is done, a request number shall get generated acting as a proof that changes have been submitted and are pending for approval by the authorities. The number shall be saved to track the status of changes. The changes made by you shall be checked by the authorities and once they have been verified properly the changes shall get reflected on your card.

Easy Download of E-Aadhaar Letter Online

by admin on July 11, 2014

Easy Download of E-Aadhaar Letter Online

After waiting for long time, finally UIDAI has launched its E-Aadhaar portal which allows the applicants to download their Aadhaar Letter online in few simple steps. People who have already enrolled for Aadhaar and waiting for their Aadhaar Letter may visit the e-Aadhaar portal and download the letter online from the confines of their house and take printout of the letter anytime

E-Aadhaar is an online portal from where applicants can download the digital copy of their Aadhaar Card and Aadhaar letter. This portal has been launched by UIDAI that makes the process easier for applicants who have already applied for Aadhaar and whose biometric and demographic information has been captured and waiting for their Aadhaar Card. However, it is very important for applicants to have both the enrolment number and date & time of their enrolment handy with them while downloading the Aadhaar letter online. The complete process for downloading the Aadhaar letter and Aadhaar Card online from the portal is listed below.

Firstly, the applicants need to ensure that the enrolment number along with date & time of enrolment is available with them before proceeding to download the e-Aadhaar letter. All these details are available on the acknowledgment slip provided to the applicants by enrolment centre while enrolling for Aadhaar.

 To Download E-Aadhaar Letter Online you will require three important information

  • Enrolment Number and Date & Time of Enrolment
  • Resident Name
  • Pin Code

The process of downloading e-Aadhaar Letter from the portal consists of two simple steps.

Step One

  • If you have all your Enrolment details handy with you, then enter the details along with your full name, pin code and captcha code and mobile number in the respective fields and click the button of “Get One Time Password”. You will receive OTP on the mobile number provided. This is a verification process that is must and you need to successfully complete it.
  • If incase you are aware with your Aadhaar Number, then you may click the radio button available in front of Aadhaar. There you need to enter the Aadhaar Number along with your full name, Pin Code and captcha code and click the OPT button to successfully complete the verification process.

Step Two

Once you receive the OTP, then you may type of the OTP in the respective field and download the E-Aadhaar letter easily. After entering the OTP you will be provided with a link that will redirect you to your E-Aadhaar Letter in PDF format. To open the PDF file containing your E-Aadhaar letter you will require your Pin code which will be used as the password.

The best part of E-Aadhaar portal is that it enables the applicants to download the letter as many times as they want, but they must have all three information handy with them to complete the process successfully. Besides, E-Aadhaar Letter and E-Aadhaar Card is equivalent and valid like original card, therefore applicants may take out the printout of the letter and use it for any purpose which will serve as their ID and address proof.



Discover the Visible Benefit of Aadhaar Card

by admin on July 11, 2014

Discover the Visible Benefit of Aadhaar Card

Aadhaar Card is the Unique Identity Card provided by Indian Government to the residents of India and also to the foreign nationals residing in the country. Comprising of 12 digit unique identity number, the Aadhaar Card is also known as Unique Identity Card or UID which remains unique in future as well. The primary aim behind issuing this unique identity card is to provide each citizen of India with a unique identification through which single window clearance becomes possible both for non-Government and Government services in coming years. Besides, it will also reduce the amount of documents required to get registered in offices. Below is list of few visible benefits that one can avail by registering with the scheme of UID.

1 Aadhaar = 1 beneficiary

Undoubtedly, Aadhaar is a unique identification card; thereby no citizen can apply for any duplicate card as it is already linked with their unique biometrics. After the advent of this scheme the problem with ghost and fake identities has been vanished, which often results in leakages of information.


The Aadhaar number allotted to the beneficiary is unique and universal number. Any services and agencies from across the nation can directly access the central Unique Identification database to verify the identity of beneficiary.

Inclusion of citizens with no existing identity documents

The marginalized and poor residents of India often lack behind in reaping the benefits of several schemes of government, simply because they don’t have the required identification documents to avail such State benefits. However, the “Introducer” system included in Aadhaar scheme is like a boon for such residents and it is approved for data verification for UIDAI, thus allowing such residents of India to create their own unique identity.

Electronic benefit transfers

Residents can also enjoy the benefits of UID-enabled-Bank-Account network which is intended to provide low cost and secure platform to remit benefits directly without facing the heavy costs that are linked with benefits distribution today.

Aadhaar-based authentication to verify rights delivered to actual beneficiary

UIDAI aims to provide online authentication services for all agencies, especially who desire to validate the actual identity of residents. With this online service the agency can verify whether or not the entitlement has reached the actual intended beneficiary.

Self-service puts residents in control

With the use of authentication mechanism of Aadhaar, the citizens can easily access updated information about their demand services, entitlements and redress their complaints from their cell phones, kiosks and other means directly.

The primary aim of this scheme is to enable the needy and deprived residents of India to access the services like banking facilities. This Aadhaar Card can be used in multiple places, both in government and non-government sectors, to prove one’s identity. This unique identity card is accepted everywhere and can be used while booking tickets online, opening bank account, applying for passport, enrolling in colleges and at several other places where you need to provide your proof of identity. Soon, Aadhaar will become the easiest way of proving your identity.


Documents Required for Aadhaar Registration

by admin on July 11, 2014

Documents Required for Aadhaar Registration

Before applying for Aadhaar Card, the applicants must have all the required documents so as to make the application successful and to achieve the unique identity card easily. Apart from Aadhaar enrollment form, the applicants must have three essential documents while applying for Aadhaar Card.

  • Identity proof having name and photo
  • Address proof having name and address
  • Birth certificate having name and date of birth

Aadhaar Enrolment Form

Aadhaar Enrollment Form is easily available both offline from the enrolment centre and online from the official website of UIDAI. The enrolment form should be filled completely with all details before registration.

Identity Proof

There are several documents that can be used as proof of identity. But, it is better to carry more than one document as backup, either original or attested copies. The document having both your name and photo is considered as identity proof. Below is the list of document that can be used as identity proof including:

  • Passport
  • PAN Card
  • Driving License
  • Voter ID
  • Government Photo ID Cards
  • Certificate of Identity issued by Tehsildar on letterhead or Government Gazetted Officer
  • Kissan Photo Passbook
  • Freedom Fighter Photo Card
  • ECHS/CGHS Photo Card
  • Photo Credit Card
  • Photo ID card issued by recognized educational facilities
  • Arms License
  • Bank Passbook with photo
  • Pensioner Photo Card
  • Disability ID Card

Address Proof

The document that you will use as address proof should include both your name and address. You may either carry attested photocopy of the documents or the original copy along with you while visiting the enrolment centre. The documents that are accepted as address proof includes:

  • Bank Passbook
  • Passport
  • Ration Card
  • Post Office Account Passbook
  • Driving License
  • Voter ID
  • Electricity Bill
  • Water Bill
  • Telephone Landline Bill
  • Government ID Cards issued by Public Sector Units
  • Property tax receipt
  • Credit Card Statement
  • Insurance Policy
  • Signed Letter by Bank having photo on letterhead
  • National Rural Employment Generation Scheme job card
  • Arms License
  • Pensioner Card
  • Freedom Fighter Card
  • Kissan Passbook
  • Certificate of address issued by MP, MLA or Gazetted Officer or Village Panchayat or Tehsildar on letter head
  • Vehicle Registration Certificate
  • Income Tax Assessment Order
  • Rent/lease/registered sales agreement
  • Caste & Domicile Certificate issued by State Government
  • Gas Connection Bill
  • Passport of Parents if minor

Birth Certificate

  • Birth Proof Certificate issued by State Municipal Corporation
  • 10th Standard leaving Certificate
  • Passport
  • Certificate of Birth issued by Gazetted Officer on Letterhead

Applicants without any documents

Applicants who don’t have any of these aforementioned documents may also apply for Aadhaar as there is a provision in the form of Introducer System. Through this system the registrar of enrolment may assign individuals who vouch for the validity of applicant’s details. The Introducers can be anyone, including a bank, teacher, government agencies, village postman, elected representatives and NGOs.

Tracking your Aadhaar Card & checking status

by admin on July 11, 2014

Tracking your Aadhaar Card & checking status

After providing demographic information and undergoing biometric test at Aadhaar enrolment centre, you will be provided with an Acknowledgment copy, which you need to keep safely for further references. With the use of this acknowledgment slip you can easily track your Aadhaar status. To get the Aadhaar card you may need to wait for 60-90 days. However, you may continuously check the status of your Aadhaar Card in three different ways by using the acknowledgment number provided to you at the time of registration.

You may track your Aadhaar Status in 3 simple ways

  • Online Method
  • SMS Method
  • Helpline Number

Online Method

Online method is the simplest way to know the exact status of Aadhaar Card. To track online the applicants need to visit the official website of UIDAI and click the button of “Check Aadhaar Card Status”. There they need to type the enrolment number accompanied with date and time. After that the applicants need to type the details provided in image, which is known as captcha image and it is in case sensitive. Once the details are entered correctly, then the applicants will view the current status of their Aadhaar Card. If the Aadhaar Number is already generated, then applicants may download the E-Aadhaar letter from the Resident Portal. If the Aadhaar Card is dispatched already, then they will see a link for “Tracking Delivery Status” along with a tracking ID. So, it is very easy and simple to track Aadhaar Delivery Status online.

SMS Method

By using your mobile phone you can easily track the current Aadhaar Status through SMS services. Applicants simply need to send a text message to UIDAI to check the status. Go to the write text option of your mobile and type message “UID STATUS <14 digit Enrolment Number> and send it to 51969. In few minutes applicants will receive an SMS stating the current status of their Aadhaar Card. If the number is generated already, then you may also get the Aadhaar number through SMS by sending the same message through the registered mobile phone. So, it is essential to provide the correct mobile number during registration.

Helpline Number

The toll free helpline number for UIDAI is 1800-300-1947. Applicants may call at this number and provide the details to the representatives, including Enrolment Number, Date & Time and they will let the applicant know about the current status of their application for Aadhaar. If the number is generated, then they will provide the Aadhaar Number to the applicant for further references and if it is already dispatched, then Tracking Number will be provided through which applicants may track the delivery status by visiting the Indian Post website.

Tracking the Delivery Status of Aadhar Card

To track the delivery status you may visit the India Post website where you need to enter the tracking ID and soon you will come to know when the Aadhaar Card was dispatched and when it will be delivered at your doorsteps.

Remember, to track the status of Aadhaar Card in all three ways you will require the Acknowledgment slip. So, you need to keep the acknowledgement form safely until you receive the Aadhaar Card.

Apply Aadhar Card Online

by admin on July 11, 2014

Apply Aadhar Card Online

To Apply for Aadhar Card Online , One needs to visit the authorized Aadhaar enrolment centre in their locality along with the required documents of address proof and identity proof. Simply calling the Toll Free Number wouldn’t help to get registered with Aadhaar scheme indeed. There is an intended procedure that every citizen needs to follow for a successful enrollment with Aadhaar scheme. But, citizens of India are allowed to visit any authorized enrollment centers across the nation to get registered with the scheme.

Firstly, the applicant needs to take the printout of the enrolment form online. The Aadhaar enrolment form is also available at all enrolment centers for free of cost. Fill the enrolment form with original details and accompany it with all required documents.

The Documents of Proof to Apply Aadhar Card Online

  • Identify Proof with name and photo
  • Address Proof with name and address
  • Birth Proof with name and date of birth

Submit the enrolment form along with these abovementioned documents at the enrolment centre. Once the documents are submitted the applicant needs to undergo a biometric test where the representatives will collect the fingerprints of the applicant, images of their iris and photo of their face as a proof.

After successful completion of this biometric test the applicant will be provided with an acknowledgment copy which they need to keep safely for further references. However, receiving the acknowledgment copy doesn’t guarantee that you are registered for Aadhaar Card. Once you receive the Unique Aadhaar Number through SMS at your registered mobile number, then it is confirmed that you are enrolled to Aadhaar.

For residents without any documents


If any resident is lacking with the required documents for enrollment, but he/she is eligible for Aadhaar, then they may use the facility of Introducer System, where the registrar for enrolment will allocate any individual who can guarantee for the validity of applicant’s information. Introducer can be any individual, including teachers, Government agencies, village postman, banks, NGOs and elected representatives.

Fixing Appointment to Apply Aadhar Card Online

Applicants can easily save time and avoid waiting in long queues at enrolment Centers because now UIDAI has instigated an online service at few selected centers where applicants can fix their appointments Online and get direct entry for enrolment at centre. Applicants may also visit the enrolment centre directly without any appointment, but they need to wait till their number comes.

All the collected information and details of applicants are verified thoroughly, and then a unique Aadhaar Number is generated which will be dispatched at the given address of the applicant. If in case any fault is found in the application while verify, then corrective actions are taken by the authority if possible or a rejection letter is dispatched through post to the applicant asking for re-enrollment.

Usually, applicants receive the Aadhaar Card within 60-90 days, but the time for receiving the Aadhaar Card may vary depending upon the processing of the authority. With the use of acknowledgment copy, you can check the status of your Aadaar online. Applicants may also download the E-Aadhaar letter online by visiting the official website of UIDAI.


How to Download E Aadhaar Card in Easy Steps

by admin on July 11, 2014

How to Download E Aadhaar Card in Easy Steps

Are you frustrated in visiting the Aadhaar Enrolment Centre again and again to get your Aadhaar Card which you have already applied 2-3 months ago? Well, to address such issues UIDAI has launched an innovative solution for all applicants through which they can easily get their Aadhaar Card online and the name of the service is e-Aadhaar.

E-Aadhaar is an online portal from where applicants, whose biometric and demographic information is completed, can easily download the digital copy of their E-Aadhaar Card and E-Aadhaar Letter, once their Aadhaar Number is generated. After receiving lot of complaints about pending applications, UIDAI had finally announced in the beginning of 2013 to launch this online service for the convenience of the applicants. Now, applicants can easily download their E-Aadhaar Card online from the confines of their house and take printout of the card for further references.

To get the E-Aadhaar Card online applicants need to have three essential details with them:

  • Enrolment Number with Date & Time
  • Full Name of the Applicant
  • Area Pin Code

The Easy steps to Download E-Aadhaar Card Online

  • Visit the E-Aadhaar Portal and enter the required details in the respective fields, including the enrolment number with date & time, full name, pin code and mobile number. After entering the details applicants need to type the captcha image which is in case sensitive and click the Submit button.
  • Once the applicants click the Submit button, then they will receive One Time Password in the registered mobile number through SMS. Enter the received OTP in the respective field and click the Submit Button.
  • If the details provided are correct, then applicants will see the option of “Download your E-Aadhaar Card” on the screen. They need to click this option and a link will be provided.
  • The applicants need to click the link and they will be re-directed to the PDF format of their e-Aadhaar Card which is downloadable. But, to open the PDF file applicants need to enter a password which is their area pin code. Once they enter the pin code as password, the PDF format of e-Aadhaar Card will open which they can download and even take printout of it.

The interesting part of this e-Aadhaar portal is that it enables the applicants to download their e-Aadhaar Card anytime and as many time as they want, but they need to have all three details handy with them before proceeding with the process. The e-Aadhaar Card is equivalent to original Aadhaar Card, therefore the printout of E-Aadhaar Card will serve as address and ID proof of the applicants till the time they receive the original Aadhaar Card by post. People who have lost their Aadhaar Card may also follow the same steps to get their e-Aadhaar Card online till the time they reapply for the same and receive the original copy from UIDAI. This will save both their time and energy which they need to invest while applying again for duplicate copy of their Aadhaar Card.