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by admin on April 1, 2013


Aadhaar card Download

Aadhaar Card Download is now become very easy with these simple steps. To download aadhar card all you have to do is just follow the instruction given below to aadhaar card download .here I will show you very basic steps, Aadhar card download pdf file is just one click away from you.


Know How to Aadhaar Card Download :

Note:  To download Aadhaar card you Must have Enrolment Id Number or Aadhaar no.

Aadhaar Card Download Steps

To download aadhar card online first of all visit aadhar card official website  .Once you see the screen like mention below , fill your details given in your aadhar card acknowledgement slip.

Easy Steps for Aadhaar Card Download

There are two easy way to download aadhar card, first option is with enrolment id and second one is with Aadhar number .

Aadhar Card | Aadhar Card Status | Aadhar Card Download
Aadhar CardAadhar Card StatusAadhar Card Duplicate Copy Download,

Aadhar Card Aadhar Card Status Aadhar Card Download Aadhar Card Aadhar Card Status Aadhar Card Download

Aadhar Card | Aadhar Card Status | Aadhar Card Download

  1. Aadhar Card,
  2. Aadhar Card Status,
  3. Aadhar Card Duplicate Copy Download,
Aadhaar Card Download Steps (For Generated Aadhar Only)

Step 1.           Enter your Enrollment Number and Date and Time

Step 2            Enter Your Full Name

Step 3            Enter Your Pin Code ( Postal Code)

Step 4.           Enter Mobile Number

Step 5.           You will get a Pin to that versatile number in 60 seconds.

Step 6.           Enter that OTP PIN in Computer Screen.

Step 7.           Now you can download your E-Aadhaar Card.

 After downloading aadhaar card PDF File you have to enter your area pin code which you can find printed on your Acknowledgement Receipt !

If your Card is Not Generated

Aadhaar card Download in the event that your E-Aadhaar card is not yet produced, you may confront the blunders recorded underneath. “ID furnished by you is not accessible. If its not too much trouble inquire not many days later”. – If this mistake is indicated then you have to hold up a week more and check once more. when it indicates the same slip then you have to hold up again a week more.

“Your Aadhaar enlistment has fizzled. Your Aadhaar no couldn’t be produced because of a data/process failure in your selection. It would be ideal if you re-enlist yourself at the closest selection focus”. – If this failure is demonstrated then you have to head off to aadhaar card selection focus and requirement to get some information about this.

Print Your Aadhaar Cards Now e-aadhaar-5

How to Download Aadhar Card without any Details (Duplicate Aadhar Card Download)

Aadhaar Card Download Procedure by HINDI Video 


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133 thoughts on “AADHAAR CARD DOWNLOAD

  1. lakshmi sindhura kode says:

    my name was wrongly spelt in my aadhar card how to correct my name

  2. Anukarsh srivastavaMale) says:

    we are not received till dated.

  3. Aastha Srivastava says:

    as per massage posted my card on date 2nd May but till
    date not received kindly provided my Email adress.


    Aastha srivastava

  4. Marella Jagan Mohan says:

    Please print my aadhar card

  5. Ramesh Gulab Mansukhani says:

    I had enrolled for the Aadhaar card on 05 Nov. 2011 at 15:25 hours at Shivalik, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi centre. I have not recd my aadhaar card. Can you please arrange to send my card at House no.3903, DLF Phase IV, Gurgaon.

  6. I try to many time for getting aadhar card but not yet received aadhare card/ e aadhar card and not download.

  7. somnath jash says:

    I apply aadhar card on 26 march 2013 but i do not post my home address ,i request please arrange to send my aadhar card at my home address.

  8. ravi kumar says:

    I am ravi kumar enrolled for the Aadhaar card on 17 Nov. 2011 at 13:07:10 hours at jat regt centre bareilly (UP). I have not recd my aadhaar card. Can you please arrange to send my card at vpo- fatehpur billoch teh- ballabgarh distt- faridabad (HR).enrolment no 1207/90748/17433 and my wife seema devi w\o ravi kumar aadhar card receipt enrolment no 1207/90748/17416 time 17/11/2011/11:43:54

  9. A.J.Thomas(Anchil Joseph Thomas) says:

    I apply for my aadhar card on 13/06/2013 but so far no information about the same now a days it is very important about the aadhar card and I dont’t know when I will get it the gas agencies also asking either provide them the s.no of aadhar.My enrol.no.13/06/2013 time 18:37:46 please give a replay as early as possible. Thanks

  10. ali mian says:

    I had enrolled for the Aadhaar card on 30.05.2013 at mahabunager, andhra pradesh. I have not recd my aadhaar card. Can you please arrange to send my card at H.NO. 2-8-12-/1/b Market road, mahabubnager, AP or mail to me

  11. sukhwinder ram says:

    I try to many time for getting aadhar card but not yet received aadhare card/ e aadhar card and not download.

  12. Government should give my aadhar card’s enrollment number at 11/11/2013 8:00pm

  13. P.Lakshmi says:

    I must want my aadahar card enrollment number today

  14. Mantu Singh says:

    I try to many time for getting aadhar card but not yet received aadhare card/ e aadhar card and not download.

  15. Arjun Singh Bisht says:

    Very poor service by Indian Government.

  16. Dear.sir. change my mobile no old no 9014097768 my new no 8099799322 plz chang my aadhar no 377674831872

  17. my adhar card not coming that is 1 year completed please online adhar card dawnload.

  18. divakara.A says:

    my adhar card address is wrong how to change correct add pls help me

  19. vinayak says:

    my adhar is genarated but when i am going to download “Server has experienced a problem. Please try again after some time” from 1 week this is problem plz help me

  20. sudhir tummewar says:

    my aadhar card was before marrige i married now.i want to chang my name …so please give me suggestion how to chang name in aadhar card ..
    Before marrige my name was-kavita padamwar
    After marrige its kavita sudhir tummerwar

    • Rajwinder kaur says:

      Rajwinder kaur
      Sir I Apply MY AAdhar card dated 24-11-2013 His Enrolment No. 1119/80508/10395 Date & Time 24/11/2013 14:10:51
      Dear Sir ,
      Please Issur me aadhar card as soon as possible

      • Balwinder Singh says:

        Balwinder Singh
        Sir I Apply MY AAdhar card dated 08-07-2011 His Enrolment No. 1211/80016/00531 Date & Time 08/07/2011 11:02:34 I urgent Need Do to Gas Connection Subcity
        Dear Sir ,
        Please Issur me aadhar card as soon as possible

  21. Yogesh says:

    E-Adhar card not downloading….Also not received Adhar card at home. Its almost 5 Months left.

  22. k.nataraj says:

    k.nataraj please aadhar card no.3444690665739

  23. sir i apply my aadhar card date 07/07/2013 his Enrollment no. 1067/11506/03992 date & time 07/07/2013 15:34:44 I urgent Need do to gas connection subcity

  24. raghavendran says:

    Please issue me AAdhar card as quick as possible

  25. Vijay Sarjerao Pawar says:

    my addhar car enrollment no.1207/93770/15599 dt. 05/03/2013 but till not received my addhar card please verify

  26. sir i apply my aadhar card date 07/07/2013 his Enrollment no. 1067/11506/03992 date & time 07/07/2013 15:34:44 I urgent Need do to gas connection subcity mobile no. 9226802662


    sir my adhar card-enrolment no-1116/31007/00239date-11-10-2013/and time-14:26:08/ abhi tak aya nahi h pleas jaldi bheje/my name LUNA SINGH RATHORE

  28. anithafernandes says:

    my addhar card enrolment no 11185203905469 dt 18/11 /13 but till not received my addhar card please

  29. anithafernandes says:

    my son addhar cardenrolment no11185203905470dt 8/6/13 but till notreceived addhar card

    • anithafernandes says:

      my sonaddhar card enrolment 11185203905471 dt 8/6/13 but till not received addhar card

      • amargujrati says:

        my Name is Anita Bai 1211/12671/00256 Dt. 30/03/2011 Time .11.37.41 Pin.No.455001
        my Name is Muskan gujrati 1211/ 12671/00255 Dt. 30/03/2011 Time .11.32.07 Pin No455001

      • suvasini ramesh nayak says:

        Enrolment no.1118/00053/01290 dtd.02/11/2011 11 ;10 ;50
        Suvasini Ramesh Nayak(female),W/O Ramesh Raya Nayak
        FATORDA MARGAO GOA,403602


  30. varun bijaule says:

    m y addhar card enrolment no 2017/00513/16252 dt 20/12/2011 but till not received my addhar card please

  31. Sandhya K says:

    got aadhar card enrolment id, unable to see the status in resp column, what is to be done

  32. vijay Pandit says:

    these adhar card not downloading. why?

  33. Banavatu Somla Naik says:

    i have enrolled for aadhar and i have lost my acknowledgement my aadhar number is 11712113527036 i have enrolled on 22 06 2013 and my phone no is 7207502808 can u get me my aadhar card

  34. satish zanke says:

    i also dont have received yet my aadhar card i enrolled in 30/03/13 but i dident received my aadhar card…

  35. sandeep says:

    its not good procedure,if any person got its one time password (otp)and by chance network data failed or system shut down by any technical problem then how take e print because wed page closed and you cant take a OTP again.

  36. seema kumari says:

    My name is seema kumari, I did,nt receive my adhar card, Please confirm me when will get my adhar Card, Ahar Card no (1028/55101/00253 )

  37. Ashok Kumar says:

    my addhar card enrolment no 5259 9398 8698 dt 27/07/13 but till not received my addhar card please

  38. amit kumar says:

    my name ram niwas in my aadhaar card on date 30/05/2012

  39. Patel Bhaveshkumar Dahyabhai says:

    my addhar car enrollment no.1308/00242/09112 dt. 05/11/2012 14:00:59 but till not received my addhar card please verify

  40. chhagallal says:

    my father aadhar card return post enrolment no.1207 91011 00433 dt-29/08/2013

  41. shwetha says:

    I am uanble to download my card please help . i got the OTP password to my mobile but enter the same, the option is hidden please help

  42. Jai Prabhat Chauhan says:

    i have applied for aadhar 1171/23014/25351 dt. 07/05/2013 11:17:50 but till dt i have not received any msg by you.


    my enrolment no 2017/00303/01547 still not received aadhar card pls advise

  44. 11192016444540 TRILOK KUMAR , Make Date-05/08/2013 11:04:32

  45. i have receive my aadhaar card but it is not valid
    and its aadhaar no. is 2872 3287 4906

  46. Rohini Shelar says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am not received my AADHAR Card on the date, actually i have a msg from yoour side that your AADHAR Card pls collect on ypur postal address and when i going to collect my Catd that time the AADHAR Card is not yet.
    so, i have request you to pls give me my Card eariler as Possible.

  47. Seema Sukhija says:

    I am Mohit Sukhija, I do not get my Aadhar Card

  48. MALLESH C B says:

    1171/27511/01896 dtd.19.10.2013 13:13:52. pls aadhar card

  49. alka rajesh pawde says:

    i had been enrolled for aadhar card on dt 25/10/2011.due to printer fault enrolment receipt was not produced. so can not communicate also not received the card. so i enrolled second time on dt-15/03/2013.still do not received. even online no communication at all. what is the solution? in lots of trouble!
    -alka rajesh pawde. ramtek, nagpur, maharashtra- 441106.
    mobile no-9423634367

  50. kanti kumar bari says:

    Respected sir, I m kanti kumar bari my Enrolment no 1058/10635/00720 date & time 13/04/2013 18:22:21 please issue my andhaar card as soon as possible for my gas connection.

  51. respected sir , in my aadhar cord had in-cell mistake .this mistake created more problem please retefaid that mistake. thanking sir.

  52. B.prasad says:

    i dont have enrollment number and how to down load aadhar card plz reply answer from prasad…….

  53. B N Sridhar says:

    After the download system is asking for password to open aadhaar card what is the pass word?

  54. Gyander Bhardwaj says:

    Please issue me Aadhar Card.

    My Name is Gyanender Bhardwaj (Male)s/o Shri Raghubir Singh. My Enrolement No. is: 1211/33042/22183 dated 01/06/2013 Time 11:23:07
    My mailing addres is:
    House No.59, Amberhai Village Extn. Part-I, Dwarka Sector 6
    Amberhai, South West Delhi

    I am facing problem in getting Gas, as Agency is asking for Aadhar Card. Pl do the needful at the earliest
    Mobile No.: 9990861297

  55. rohit says:

    i dn’t have enrll… how i do=wnload the aadhar

  56. i dont have enrollment number ,plz help me for aadhar card

  57. ddangi says:

    plz sir my mob no. not enter Adhara card so how much download a card rply me

  58. Jivan says:

    i didnt link the my mobile no to my aadhar card how it will be download by me

  59. RAJESH KUMAR says:


  60. Yeshpal says:

    OTP is not working to download the aadhar, what should I do ?

  61. arunraj says:

    i not entered mobile number in aadhar card details how can i download
    cell : 9894176346

  62. Nandvate Achyut Sheshrao says:

    I had lost my Adhar Card. Pls suggest me procedure to get it duplicate card or otherwise

  63. sowjanya says:

    i had apply 2years back but i loss my cards,so please what i do
    please reply to me

  64. Lakshmi Nadkarni says:

    I have received my adhaar number. Unable to download from the website even after following instructions.

  65. dallichinasriun says:

    sir I have applied 3 times for aadhar but yet not got what happened I don’t know sir please provide the aadhar card its very much required for my fee remebreshment ..its my ffirst enrollment no. 20176024105557 and date 27.03.13 time 11:37:45
    name: dalli china srinu
    dob: 01/07/90
    my mobile no..9000905663

  66. Enrolment no 1037/11350/15645/ Dtd 20/07/2011 time 10:41:47 Srinivas.P.K I have not recived my aadhaar card but i have recived my daugther ‘son’ &my wife card,, Address Kumarakrupa CH 41 3rd cross New model house mysore 08

  67. Arshiya patel says:

    I have 1 compalint
    i givan my all detail for downloading aadhar card but i got a replay recheck your information ,,,, plz help me bocoz i wanna my aadhar card ,,,,

    • Arshiya Sikandar Patel says:

      enrolment no-1067/13064/09271 data-08/05/2013 13:54:56
      name-Arshiya Sikandar Patel
      i need my aadhar card

  68. Meena Nilesh Valvi says:

    I am lost my aadhar card but i know my aadhar no. 944387599246

  69. Mayur Talkute says:

    Document Password..
    konasa hai …???
    maine pdf file download ki hai but document password konasa hai

  70. Dr.Rajesh Rampal says:

    I am not able to download e aadhar card despite being sent a number 925519817822.on my registered mobile.

  71. Moeenuddin Sheikh says:

    “Error on page” error is showing while clicking on send OTP for adhar card download

  72. vicky says:

    sir lost my inrolment slip my name vicky father name karmbir vpo jagsi distt. sonepat (haryana) dob-19-06-1996 mob. 9991154770 plz tel me inrolment no.

  73. Biju Mon Joseph says:

    Biju Mon Hoshph my adhar card net varun milat nahi kurpaya

  74. arman says:

    mera adhar

  75. arman says:

    my adhar card is lost

  76. goutham says:

    what can i do if i’m not mobile no fro adahar

  77. jagdish says:

    how to pdf password

  78. muhammedc says:

    I got e eaadhaar 3 months ago now I wand ons more what can I do for down lord ?

  79. varalakshmi says:

    have lost my aadhar card,but hv ma aadhar number!! so how to get my aadhar card? can i download it??

  80. sambu.karthikeya guptha says:

    after entering my enrolment no also i am not able to check the status on net.but i got the my Adhara card to came to my home .plz retify my status on online.

  81. sambu.karthikeya guptha says:

    No information is available for the entered ID i.e. 2021/20250/00478 02/03/2013 17:01:37

    sir plz retify the problem of my Aadhara card .

  82. Raj kumar sinha says:

    Enorlmet no.1172/80077/00749,dtd.12/09/2011,16:12:57
    Paltan Pandit,S/o Ruplal Pandit
    hno-51,ward No-10
    Sardiha, Basukinath,Dumka(Jharkhand)-814118

  83. wajidansari says:

    Awesome Website !Easy Steps to Download Aadhar cards

  84. ravikumar says:

    i lost my mobile and i am not aware of the enrollment no and aadhar card no. how to get back aadhar card no.

  85. anitha p n says:

    my adhar card number is 2806 6547 4691 but still not received the original

  86. Shanti Priya Hazarika says:

    I am Shanti Priya Hazarika. My enrolment No. 1335 50202 08465 dated 10/04/2013 15:29:41. Adhaar card not received so far. Same is urgently required for opening bank account.

  87. D.G.Govinda Raja Swamy says:

    After the download system is asking for password to open aadhaar card what is the pass word?

  88. Ved Prakash says:

    I have received the message your eaadhar card have been generated. I have lost my slip. How can I get the aadhar Card. My address
    Ved Prakash S/O Tek Chand
    Vill & Post – Sarupgarh
    Taluk – Charkhi Dadri
    Dist – Bhiwani(Haryana)
    Pin Code 127306
    My contact No 09486446010 Please intimate the aadhar Card No.

  89. purushottam says:

    my aadhar card number -1127/43006/22160 date – 21/01/2014 11:33:36
    my name chaitana suresh mane
    pin code-421302.
    contact no-9890058563
    plz PROVIDE me my aadhar card urjent plzzz

  90. om parkash says:

    my aadhaar have a wrong mobile no. i want to correct it, please help/guid me

  91. Sunil kumar says:

    My Id.1025/30010/38059 date 03/03/2013 Time 12.32.07 Name Sushma Devi. Pin Code 822124 pls provide me my aadhar card.

  92. hi,
    My name is BABU RAO MOHAN RAO SAHUKARI i have applied for updation of aadhar card, i have received the e-copy, 1190/88873/01230/12/01/2014.15;38;25.but i am waiting for the hard copy of aadhar card since long,

    Please help urgently.

  93. Pawan says:

    i have forget my mobile number which i have registered, please advise how i get duplicate eaadhar.

  94. avijit parida says:

    I have forget my mobile no and mistek my birth date please correct my adhar card

  95. I cheking for aadhar card but don’t know about. That b my time best.so friends help me

  96. himayun says:

    sir,my adhaar card number is 381368852132 but how can seme time and date

  97. Raj pandey says:

    Mera adhar card abhi tk nhi mila h mera area pin h 845433

  98. piyush g pandit says:

    i got my aadharcard no. through sms, now pl suggest that how i can download for the same.



  100. Subhankar Jana says:

    Check aadharcard details

  101. ASHOK KUMAR says:

    i want change my aadhaar card photo.

  102. rajesh sarpal says:

    sir i lost my family addhar card i dont know thenumber of no. what i can do for duplicate aadhar card

  103. Girijesh Gautam says:

    Sir,I have downloaded my aadhar card,but when I opening it, it showing invalid documents.please helpme.

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