Get Aadhaar to obtain PAN card now

New Delhi:  The Unique Identification (UID) Aadhaar number will soon be a “legitimate” evidence of personality and location to acquire a PAN card.

A proposal for incorporation of Aadhaar in the existing rundown of substantial verification of ID and evidence of location for allocation of PAN was sent to the Finance Ministry by the Unique Identification Authority of India at some point back.

The Ministry has chosen to advise leads in this respect.

It is pointed at controlling the threat of fake or copy PAN cards which are apportioned by I-T division to citizens.

“When Aadhaar is acknowledged as a legitimate evidence for acquiring PAN, the I-T office might have the capacity to remove the hazard of fake, fashioning or duplication of PAN cards.

“The amalgamation of the databases is going full bore and the service might soon tell the standards in this respect,” a senior Finance Ministry official said.

The Ministry, through the Income Tax Division, has officially consolidated more than 1.75 lakh Aadhaar numbers in its database since it informed another structure 49a for getting PAN a year ago.

It has been working for almost three years on the arrangement of making a biometric database of citizens which it will now attain by consolidating the Aadhaar information which has been assumed comparative lines.

Work now, a mixture of records, in the same way as voter ID card, visa, driving permit and archives of owning or leasing a property were utilized as a confirmation to acquire the Permanent Account Number (PAN).

The Ministry had a year ago brought out another PAN provision structure  49a for utilization of Indian nationals, organizations and elements consolidated in the nation which permits a candidate to specify his or her Aadhaar number.

The Finance Ministry, which had initially mooted the proposal of producing and issuing biometric PAN in 2006, had kept the choice pending for at some point as it was felt that both the organizations (UIDAI and I-T) might be “copying the exertion” to achieve a regular objective – biometrics-based personality.

In 2006, the Ministry had recommended that the biometric PAN cards might have the I-T evaluates’ fingerprints (two from each one hand) and the face. This will now be accomplished by grouping the Aadhaar database with that of the PAN.

As stated by most recent information (till December keep going), more than 16.49 crore PAN cards have been issued in the nation.

The I-T office, in various cases, has uncovered various people having different PAN cards or fashioning the points of interest to sidestep imposes and make “benami” properties.

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