How to Apply for Aadhar Card: The Simplified, 2019 Way

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What is the Aadhar? What purpose does an Aadhar card serve?

In the last 5 years, the Aadhar in India has manifested itself to be one of the most powerful documents a citizen can hold in India. It can facilitate the process of obtaining virtually every other official document in the country, including the processes involved in the issuance of a passport, a voter identity card, a driver’s license, a permanent account number card and a lot more.

Merely residing or having India as your place of birth is no longer enough evidence for the official processes to verify that is a bona fide Indian.It is therefore imperative for every Indian to get an Aadhar card issued for themselves by the UIDAI or Unique Identification Authority of India. It essentially acts as an all-purpose card exemplifying one’s identity. The card features a twelve-digit number that is unique to every individual citizen.The process of obtaining such this card involves capturing biometric data inclusive of a retina scan, fingerprint capture alongside several other processes.

  • What are the subsequent steps involved in obtaining an Aadhar Card? How do I receive an Aadhar Card Issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India legitimately?


For the convenience of citizens of India, the government has made obtaining an Aadhar card an incredibly easy process. Any citizen of the Republic of India can obtain an Aadhar card through 6 comprehensive, easy to understand and hassle free steps.

These include:

  1. Finding your nearest Aadhar Enrolment Centre
  2. Filling the Enrolment form for Aadhar
  3. Submission of the required documents for Aadhar Card Processing
  4. Submission of biometric data and photographs
  5. Collection of the Acknowledgement Slip from the enrolment centre
  6. Receiving your Aadhar Card or E-Aadhar once processing is complete


Step 1: Finding your nearest Aadhar Enrolment Centre


The first step toward acquiring an Aadhar card is looking for an enrolment center that allows the processing of Aadhar card. If one is hailing from a Tier 1 city, then one may find their respective Aadhar card enrolment centre in the following link:


Step 2: Filling the enrolment form for Aadhar

The second step toward acquisition of one’s Aadhar requires one to fill an enrolment form called the Aadhar enrolment form.

The Aadhar enrolment form is available online at the UIDAI website as well so that applicants can fill it whilst basking in the convenience of their homes.

Step 3: Submission of the required documents for Aadhar Card Processing

Now the UIDAI will require you to submit crucial documents required for the processing of your Aadhar Card.
This includes supporting documents like:

  1. Proof of Identity
  2. Proof of Residence


These documents usually require physical copies to be flashed but a copy of these documents may be required by the UIDAI to be submitted by the applicant.

Step 4: Submission of biometric data and photographs


  • The next subsequent steps involve the submission of biometric data for the further processing of Aadhar or E-Aadhar.The applicant in this step will be required to appear for a retinal scan and required to capture fingerprint and thumb impression.This is called the capture of biometric data which is stored in UIDAI servers.
  • Recently, UIDAI servers had a massive leak of biometric data stored in their servers, but it is promised that such sort of calamity would not occur again.

Step 5: Collection of the Acknowledgement Slip from the enrolment Center

  • Once all the documents required are submitted and biometric identity capture has been accomplished, the applicants are provided with a document called the ‘acknowledgement’ slip.
  • This acknowledgment slip is an insignia of the accomplishment of the process and indicates the applicant’s role in the issuance of Aadhar is now complete.
  • This acknowledgment slip is to be kept in the possession of the applicant until the applicant receives his or her Aadhar or E-aadhar


Step 6: Wait for your Aadhar to arrive!


The Aadhar would arrive the applicant by post/ courier in about less than 60 days after the submission of biometric data and required documents for the issuance of Aadhar.