Know how to Make Online Changes in Aadhaar Details

Know how to Make Online Changes in Aadhaar Details

Having your own identity card is a mandatory thing and is very useful in a lot of different ways and every individual needs to ensure that they hold a document which is a proof that they belong to a certain country and nationality. Aadhaar card is also a unique identification card and is of great importance in its own way and is needed for everyone to hold his or her identification proof. The importance of Aadhaar card should be highly understood by every individual as it ensures your ID proof as well as your address proof and serves for different purposes.

The usefulness of this card has spread a certain amount of awareness among the people and more people are now into getting it issued. In case you already hold aadhar card and want to make some changes in it, you can find an easy way and can do it online in very simple steps. Many people may wonder how to Make Online Changes in Aadhaar Details, which is not that difficult now. Using the online self service update portal you can do the changes in the respective details such as name, address, mobile phone number, gender and date of birth.

If you wish to change other details which were prior given, you need to visit a nearby centre. The most important point which has to be kept in mind is that you need to have a mobile phone number which is compulsory as you will be provided with a one time pin on the mobile number.

Making changes in the details of Aadhaar card has been made simpler and easier as you can do it yourself online but you are supposed to follow certain instructions and need to fulfill the entire asked requirement to do it in a proper way. A self attested supporting document is needed to be uploaded or attached while you make online changes to your aadhaar card which is mandatory.

By following few simple and easy steps you can do it on your own. Firstly, by using your aadhaar card number you need to login into the online portal which is meant for changes in the card. Secondly, you need to submit an online request for the data change and lastly, you have to upload the entire new document proof which you are changing in the previous card. You can track the request for change which is very helpful.

As Aadhar card is have been proven to be a very important document proof you should be aware of how to Make Online Changes in Aadhaar Details if any. You need to save the provided update reference number for future use and after the verification by Unique Identification Authority of India and correction you will get the updated aadhar card. It is considered to be a significant document as it can be used for several purposes and thus every individual should have this unique and legal proof of identification and address.



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  2. I want change my name… Need to put after marraige name.. Pls do the neesduk

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